PIL, libjpeg, Snow Leopard, and missing _jpeg_resync_to_restart

Entry posted on November 21, 2009.

I just spent a lot of time trying to get this working and I figured I should blog about this.

The Snow Leopard, libjpeg and PIL combination has a lot of issues. There are tons of blog posts out there about this, and they definitely helped get me a long way.

This blog post and both are great for installing PIL and libjpeg, and if those work, great. You're done.

If, however, you keep getting issues after this when you attempt to import _imaging, try compiling libjpeg as i386.

When going to compile libjpeg:

CC="gcc -arch i386" ./configure --enable-shared --enable-static

And then do the rest normally, and you should be good to go.

Good luck.